This Week in Buena Music 5/20

Greetings Buena Music Families!

Thank you to all of our fine volunteers that are working at the Strawberry Festival this weekend! As you all know by now, this is our largest fundraiser of the year! Thank you for your support and dedication to Buena Music! 

I will keep this short since there is a lot going on today!

This is yet another busy week (these seem to happen all the time don’t they?) with several events occurring .

·     Tuesday, May 22nd– Percussion and Round 1 Section Leader Interviews (MBSL) 3:30-6:00

·     Also Tuesday, May 22nd- BMA General Membership Meeting in the Little Theater. 

o  Elections will Commence for 2018-2019 Board

o  Budget Projection for 2018-2019

o  General Announcements

·     Thursday, May 24th– Colorguard and Round 2 Section Leader Interviews (MBSL) 3:30-6:00

·     Also Thursday, May 24th– Ventura HS Concerto Concert (concert report opportunity)

·     Friday, May 25th– Balboa MS Concert – go to support your feeder school and Mr. Cody! 

·     Sunday, May 27th–Jazz Band Performance at Ventura Harbor 1:00-4:00 PM 

·     Tuesday, May 29th–End Of Year Banquet.

o  Check online to get your food order! 

·     Thursday, May 31st–End of Year Concert! Concert Starts at 6:30

Concert Groups

Please keep practicing on your final! Don’t forget that all 12-Major scales are required to be known for your final. CBDA all-state excerpts are still posted in the doorway, please consult if you are confused on which section to perform. String Orchestra members, there are two selections for you on Charms to play.

In order to facilitate that every student gets at least 15 minutes for their final, there will be some sign-ups after school to help the end-of year final process go smoothly. This will be in addition to the allocated final time during the school day. I will explain more in class. 

James Rumenapp