This Week in Buena Music 10/7

Marching Band and Colorguard


Rehearsal Schedule: 

·     Tuesday – 5:00-9:00PM - Full Ensemble Focus

·     Wednesday – 3:15-6:00PM – Music Focus (P3 and Pep Band Music) 

·     Thursday – 3:15-6:00PM – Full Ensemble Focus @ Victoria Field

·     Friday – BHS v VHS Football Game

Football Itinerary vs. VHS (9/12)

·      4:30 Call time for Rehearsal

·     5:30 Change into uniform (battery down to the locker rooms for Football Team)

·     6:15 Take the back way in to the stadium

·     6:30 Pre-game show with Star Spangled Banner; 7:00 Kickoff

·     8:00 Halftime Performance of “Flatland” (what we know of it)

·     3rd Quarter Break:

·     Pit pushes equipment back to the band room, hornline and battery return to stands and remove jackets. Use $ to purchase food at the game (at concessions) NO FOOD NEAR THE TUNICS, GUANTLETS/GLOVES

·     9:30 Game over, take the back way back to the band room. 

·      9:45 Return Uniforms (Except for Drumline Battery Members) 

o  ·      10:15 Dismissal

·     Saturday (10/13) – 9:00AM-1:00PM – Full Ensemble Focus and Drill Learning for P3

o  Drumline at STORYFEST at the District Office 255 W. Stanley Ave. Please take drums and uniforms home with you from the football game. 


For the week of Halloween, it is likely that we will be switching our planned practice around. 

With Dia De Los Muertos occurring on 10/30, we will not be having our regularly scheduled Tuesday rehearsal in the stadium, but will instead have our music rehearsal day on Tuesday.

Wednesday, 10/31, we will be on a practice field, and on Thursday, 11/1, we will be in the stadium (fingers-crossed).

Other Classes

·     Please make sure that you are regularly checking Google Classroom for updates/assignments. I have posted several resource links for you to peruse at your own time.  

Have a great week!

James Rumenapp
Music Director
Buena High School

Chon Torres