This Week in Buena Music 9/30

Greetings Buena Music Families! Here arethe happenings this week: 

Marching Band and Colorguard

Please use this as a reference for what is happening this week regarding rehearsal schedule

Practice Schedule: 

·     Tuesday – Front Ensemble in sectionals at Stadium. Full Ensemble 5:00-9:00

·     Wednesday – Hornline and Percussion 3:15-6:00; Guard 3:15-5:15. We may be doing inside/covered rehearsal depending on weather conditions. 

·     Thursday – Full Ensemble 3:15 – 6:00

Saturday – Sounds of Conejo – Tentative Rehearsal and Performance Schedule

·     8:15 AM – Full team to Victoria Practice field

·     8:30 – Stretching

·     8:50 – Basics Routine

·     9:15 – Band Warm-up

·     9:35 – P1 work and review

·     10:20 – P2 work (large chunks)

·     10:40 – P3 Transition Practice

·     11:00 – Run of P1, P2, P3 Transition w/o met. 

·     11:15 – Hornline and battery members head to two trees to work on SOC music. Get water/quick snack if you brought something to munch on. (Some snacks will be provided by BMA including some bottled water) 

·     11:30 – Rehearse SOC music

·     12:15~12:30 -  Help load pit equipment, props, and large instruments onto trucks/trailers

·     1:15 – Break for Lunch, head to Vons shopping center and surrounding areas – Bring $$$. Band room will be temporarily closed. 

·     2:45 – Return to Buena to change into half uniforms. (Pants, compression shirts, shoes), leave tunics and change of clothes in garment bags. 

·     3:30 – Get ready to load buses (3) 

·     3:45 – Depart for TOHS. 

Thousand Oaks High School: 2323 N Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

·     4:30 – Arrive in Half Uniform with Compression Shirts, Black Socks and Marching Shoes. No Helmet or Tunic. Please have appropriate undergarments such as exercise shorts underneath your pants so that you can change in a public location when we are done. 

·     5:15 – Mass Band Rehearsal

·     5:45 – Ensemble Rehearsal 

·     6:00 – Show Warm-Up / Dress to full uniform

o  Pit – you will be staging around 6:30

Press Box Info:       


·     7:00 – Star Spangled Banner

·     7:05 – Buena HS Performs

After our performance, we will be seated on the track to listen and support the other bands from the Conejo Valley and Ventura County. Pit please move equipment back to truck to save time at the end of SOC.

There will be an opportunity to purchase food to support TOHS boosters. Please provide your students $7-$10 for dinner as they will have time to eat once they finish performing.

·     7:20 – Oak Park

·     7:35 – Moorpark

·     7:50 – Camarillo

·     8:05 – Royal

·     8:20 – NPHS

·     8:35 – WHS

·     8:50 – TOHS

·     9:05 – FINALE ALL BANDS

·     9:21 – Show Ends

·     9:45 – Change out of uniforms – load all equipment back into trucks

·     10:15 – Load buses and head home

·     11:15 – Unload the truck @ Buena (WE WILL NEED HELPERS)

·     11:45 – Dismissal from Buena.

Some of this schedule could change. This first competition of the season tends to have some organizational hurdles for loading the trucks. Please be willing to be flexible.

Thank you!


On Sunday, Oct. 7th, at 1:00 PM Football will be doing their annual tailgate party prior to the BHS v. VHS game. You have been invited to play some cadences to help kick off the event! 

Please plan to arrive at Buena around 12:45 to grab your tubs and warm-up to play at 1:00. You will be done and dismissed as soon as you finish your last cadence/excerpt. You should be done around 1:30. 


Other Classes


Please make sure that you are up-to-date on your Google Classroom responsibilities. If you have not turned something in, you may still receive up to 90% credit for the assignment. Missing assignments will be given a zero until they are turned in. It is your responsibility to check your missing work, not mine. Ample reminders are given for all work both inside the classroom and outside from email reminders.  

Upcoming Concert Dates: 

All of these concert dates may be found on Charms, please make sure that you are referencing these and marking your calendars so that there are no conflicts. Concerts count as the courses midterms/final grade for the semester. 

November 14th: Wind Ensemble Honors Concert @ VHS: 7:00 PM

December 6th: Strings Concert @ VHS: 7:00 PM

December 19th: Concert Band @ VHS: 7:00 PM

January 17th: Jazz Band @ VHS: 7:00 PM 



Thank you to those of you that contributed to our Snap-Raise Fundraiser. So far we have reached nearly $18,000!!! There is also still time to get your last emails in!


The fundraiser will be closing on Tuesday evening and there is still time yet to contribute! If you prefer to donate directly through check or paypal donations from, that is definitely an option! All checks can be deposited in the blue mail box outside my office door. 

James Rumenapp
Music Director
Buena High School

Chon Torres