This Week

Greetings Buena Music Families, 


I hope that you all have been enjoying your weekend! This has been an incredibly packed week and we all deserve a little bit of a break! 

As we move into the final part of the school year, I would like to remind everybody of the upcoming Strawberry Festival fundraising opportunity that we have. This is by far our most lucrative fundraiser of the year. As of now, there are still a few spots remaining to sign-up! If you are wanting to sign-up but have yet to, please visit our Charms calendar and click on the link on the Strawberry Festival dates in May. 

I would like to take this moment to congratulate the Buena High School Jazz Band on their 1st place Award at the Canyon Jazz Festival yesterday! They performed extremely well and earned this recognition! Way to go, and keep it up! In just under 2 weeks they will be performing once again at the Westlake Jazz Festival, again for placement opportunities. 

Guard and Percussion Clinics for all new and returning members for the Fall 2018 season will begin this month. Please consult the Guard and Percussion message boards for further information.

Colorguard – there will be a Balboa recruitment opportunity this Friday – please keep a close watch on the message boards for updates to the schedule. 


We have 2 more major performances coming up before the end of the year – the first is the Westlake Jazz Festival on May 12th. We will be performing before noon, please be ready to get carpools together. This week we will be considering which charts to keep in our set versus swapping. I feel that there is still a lot to work on with our Canyon set. 

The second is the Ventura Harbor performance – this will be a 3 hour blocked performance just for us – we will have 3 different sets each at 45 minutes with breaks at 15 minutes between the hour. This is a lot of music, be prepared! It will be a mix of challenging tunes as well as some easy ones to rest the chops. Combo performances will be considered. 

·      Date: May 27th – Sunday; currently between 12-3. 

Your final will be the Jazz Selections for CBDA. DO YOUR BEST, I will be evaluating you on your effort made to achieve theses selections of music! 


Concert Classes – Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, String Orchestra

Your final has been posted on charms. The final will consist of the CBDA all-state selections, the circle of 5ths, and a small portion of sight-reading. 

·      Concert Band and String Orchestra, the CBDA and CODA selections that have been assigned to you may appear very challenging. I would like to encourage you to do your best. I will not necessarily be evaluating you on how well you performed the selection, but how much effort you put into attempting to do the excerpts with musicianship and professionalism. Play the pieces at tempos you can be successful at. Do not immediately practice these pieces at the written tempos! 

  • Musicians in Concert Band or String Orchestra who obtain a high level of performance will be considered for the advanced groups (Wind Ensemble Honors and String Orchestra) in the 2018-2019 school year. 
  • Wind Ensemble musicians, you will be evaluated on your performance of this material.

Do not hesitate to ask me for assistance. Trumpet players, a Bb version of your piece, “Legend” has been uploaded to charms for your convenience. Please make sure that you are reading the correct one during your audition. 


Here is the link to the itinerary for Tuesday's Festival in Ojai, with hyperlinked directions and food options. There is no charge for parents/guests, so please bring friends and family to cheer us on!

Make sure to get your choir outfits ready to go before Tuesday. Look into getting your outfits ironed Monday evening (especially if you are borrowing an outfit from school). You can drop it off in the choir room before school, and get dressed in the dressing rooms after school. Please have hair and make up clean and neat. Don't be late, because we need to leave at 4pm to have time for food! If you have any questions, message me on Remind, or email me at

Have a great week! Please keep your practicing up! 
James Rumenapp
Music Director
Buena High School

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Buena High School Music Association, Inc
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Chon Torres